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    The Cabell County Schools Communications Department supports a culture of learning by sharing the stories of student and staff success. This is accomplished through the use of strategic outreach tactics including news releases, social media posts, school and district websites, mobile apps, video, photography, graphic design, special events and marketing. Additionally, the district utilizes an advanced rapid notification system to keep families informed during emergency situations or times of extended crisis response.

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    In addition to the automatically-activated rapid notification system that allows us to contact families by phone or text with important or emergency information, we have also developed a variety of communication products and services utilized to share information and to also receive valuable input from our stakeholders.

    • District & School Websites + Let’s Talk! - The Cabell County schools website,, is a virtual portal rich with answers to commonly asked questions. You will find information about COVID-19 protocols, student support services, school menus, school events and more. You will also find a quick link to the websites of every school in the district. On all our websites, you will also find a terrific way to contact the district or your individual schools with questions or concerns. Simply click on the “Contact Us” tab to access the Let’s Talk! messaging service. You will also find a shortcut in the Cabell Schools mobile app.

    • Schoology - Besides being “the” place to connect directly with your child’s classroom assignments, classroom performance, and teachers, the district and our schools also utilize to send targeted messages to students and parents about activities and opportunities. If you do not already have an account, your school will help you set one up once school begins to get you and your students up and running.

    • District & School Social Media - Our “Cabell Schools” social media accounts can help parents and students stay updated about activities and events. Simply search for “Cabell Schools” on , , , , and Each school also operates social media accounts, which are all overseen by our communication team. 

    • Mobile App - The Cabell County Schools mobile app provides information and push notifications about both district and school activities. You select the news you want to receive. To download, search for “Cabell County Schools” in the and app stores.

    • STOPit Mobile App - Cabell County Schools has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, harassment, and intimidation. The district is pleased to provide students a way to report any concerns safely and anonymously with the STOPit mobile app. With STOPit, students may report anything of concern to their school officials, such as cyberbullying, threats of violence, or thoughts of self-harm. They may also text a crisis counselor, available 24 hours a day. To download the app, search for STOPit in the and app stores. A shortcut to STOPit can also be found in the Cabell County Schools Mobile App.

    • Marketing - The Communications Department is responsible for running the district's outreach campaigns, including informing the public about special levies and bond issue campaigns.

    • Media Relations - Cabell County Schools works closely with members of the news media to share information about school and district activities, to inform the public about important issues, or to answer questions when they arise. If your school, class, group or activity is interested in receiving media coverage of an upcoming event or activity, be sure to fill out the Media Coverage Request form linked on this page.