• Cabell County Schools has been working to bring our individual school phone systems together in one county-wide phone system.  In the process, we have added many capabilities and replaced our old phones with brand new Poly phones.

    When using the new phone system, please keep these things in mind:

    • When dialing out, do not use a 9 at the beginning of the phone number.  Simply dial area code and phone number as you would on a cell phone.
    • The PIN for accessing voice mail from a phone is initially 1000, and can be changed from the voice mail menu.

Phone and Voicemail Guides

  • The new phones do operate a little differently than the old ones.  In order to make the transition easier, we have prepared quick guides to the most common models of phone.  Please click the picture of the phone you have available to see the quick guide for that phone.

    We also have prepared a guide to using voicemail from your phone.  Please select the envelope icon to download that guide.

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