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Celebrating Bobby May: Cabell Schools' Superintendent Superhero of the Month for January!

? Celebrating Bobby May: Cabell Schools' Superintendent Superhero of the Month for January! ?
We are thrilled to announce that Bobby May, our talented second-year teacher, has been awarded the Cabell Schools Superintendent Superhero for the Month for January! Bobby's unwavering dedication and exceptional contributions have truly made him a superhero in our school community.
One of Bobby's remarkable achievements is the creation of VOBE's very first choir, the Pirate Crew. Against all odds, Bobby single-handedly established this incredible choir, which currently boasts an impressive participation of 90 students from our 4th and 5th grades. Despite the demands of his evenings, Bobby selflessly devotes his time to choir practice, ensuring that the Pirate Crew reaches new heights of musical excellence.
On December 5, 2023, Bobby's talent and commitment were recognized on a grand scale. He received a personal invitation from Randall Reid Smith to perform for Governor Jim Justice, First Lady Kathy Justice, and Baby Dog at the Joyful Night Celebration and annual tree lighting ceremony. Among the musical groups invited from the state of WV, Bobby and the Pirate Crew were the only elementary group selected. Their performance left a lasting impression on all who attended.
In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Mr. May and the Pirate Crew have also been invited to perform at the WV Cultural Center's Award Ceremony on February 27, 2024. This invitation speaks volumes about the immense talent and dedication displayed by Bobby and his students.
Furthermore, Bobby's musical prowess extends beyond the Pirate Crew. He consistently puts on fantastic performances, involving students from all grade levels at VOBE. With his unique ability to organize and teach children songs and movements, Bobby's performances have become a highlight on our school calendar, attracting a wide audience each time.
Not only does Bobby teach the children to sing and perform, but he also introduces them to a variety of musical instruments. From oboes to ukuleles, recorders to African drums, Bobby's students have the opportunity to explore and master diverse musical skills under his guidance. To support the choir and their performances, Bobby even organizes fundraisers, ensuring that they have the necessary resources to shine.
We are incredibly honored to have Bobby May as our music teacher at VOBE. His passion, talent, and unwavering commitment to his students make him a true superhero in our eyes. Congratulations, Mr. May, on this well-deserved recognition! ??
Chrisa Hayes, Production Assistant